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Go Players

Go Players Etching

Go Players,

Etching and aquatint, 1983, 8" x 10"

Details of the Making of "Go Players Revisited":

This woodcut print consists of three blocks. Each block was carved with several different textures, so that when the blocks were printed over each other, not only are there actual colour combinations, but also perceived colour combinations caused by the combination of textures.

Below are proofs of each block.
The first colour printed was red; the second was yellow:
Go Players red block
Go Players yellow block 
The last colour was a brown that I made by mixing burnt umber, venetian red and phthalo blue. Because of the burnt umber and venetian red, when this is printed over just the red block it makes a rich brown; because of the phthalo blue in it, when it is printed over yellow, it makes a dark blue/green/grey - you can see that in the completed print in the shirt of the man on the right. So the final print is a combination of textures and colours from overlaps of all three blocks.
Go Players brown block 


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