Shireen Holman
Book Artist & Printmaker

Subway Prints

In the 1980s I lived in Boston and rode the T (the subway) to work every day. After hating the noise, the rattling, the stench and the long underground delays, I decided that, instead of being miserable, I should use my time in the T in my work. So I made a series of etchings and monotypes which I call my subway prints.
The Staircase

In the Subway,

Monotype, 1983, 18" x 24"

Hidden Corners

Waiting for the Train,

Monotype, 1983, 18" x 24"

The Room

Women in the Subway,

Monotype, 1983, 24" x 18"

Spaces in the Mind

The Braintree Train,

Etching, 1981, 14" x 18", Edition of 10


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